Name SKU Category
  2017-18 Nike Swingman Association White Jersey - Nuggets SWWH JERSEYS
  Dominator Tee - #9 AV5035 MISC
  Banner Player Tee - 6,92,29 AV5128,5155,5081 MISC
  Metal Skyline Fitted Hat - 7 5/8 - Nuggets NU13805 MISC
  2017-18 Nike Swingman Statement Gold Jersey - Nuggets SWGL JERSEYS
  Beware of Dog Sign - Avalanche AV6247 MISC
  Game Issued Shorts - Nuggets GISHORTS MISC
  Game Issued Jersey - Nuggets GIJERSEY MISC
  Dog Hair Bow - Avalanche AV6044 MISC
  Elf Ornament - Avalanche AV2588 MISC
  Fat Lever Retirement Card Plaque NU10487 MISC
  Fat Lever Retirement Photo NU7029 MISC
  Star Wars Tee - Empire - Nuggets EMPIRE TEE MEN'S
  Star Wars Tee - Yoda - Nuggets YODA MEN'S
  Rocky Mascot Hat - Nuggets NU965 MISC
  Softshell Ascender Jacket - Avs - XL AV4514 MISC
  Convert Long Sleeve Tee - Avalanche K5M1YKZPHO4-LS AVS PRIMARY MEN'S
  Gamma Performance Long Sleeve - Avalanche K5M16289_AVS PRIMARY LOGO MEN'S
  Gamma Performance Long Sleeve Youth - Avalanche K5B76289_000 KIDS
  Loud Fan Shoulder Tee Hoodie Youth Girls - Avalanche K5G6FYD9_000_AVA KIDS
  Lucky Puck Youth Girls Pullover Crew - Avalanche K5G64RE9_000_AVA KIDS
  Puck Texture Youth Girls Tee - Avalanche K5G64SK9_000_TMC KIDS
  Rink Culture Girls Youth Long Sleeve Tee - Avalanche K5G6YMJ9H15_TMC KIDS
  Skate Lace Youth Girls Long Sleeve - Avalanche K5G64S59_000_AVA KIDS
  Training Top Long Sleeve Youth Performance Tee - Avalanche R5B7HAA0_TMC KIDS
  Sneak Attack Youth Performance Tee - Avalanche K5B76Y39_000 KIDS
  Alpha Youth 1/4 Zip Lightweight Jacket - Avalanche K5B7OGJ9-TMC-CAV KIDS
  Avs Against The World Tee - Avalanche NHL0253_CAV_RUP_MNGSBSSTEE MEN'S
  Centennial Ice Performance Tee - Avalanche 2996_017_7CAVTXA MEN'S
  Cityscape Boxer Shorts- A Logo - Avalanche BBM_CITYSCAPE AVS MEN'S
  Cityscape Boxer Shorts- Alternate Logo - Avalanche BBM_CITYSCAPE AVS MEN'S
  Epitome Long Sleeve Youth Tee - Avalanche K5B7HAAV_HGY KIDS
  Glacial Youth Long Sleeve Tee - Avalanche K5B7HAA1-ALT KIDS
  Glacial Youth Performance Tee - Avalanche K5B7HAA0_TMC KIDS
  Ice Formation Reflective Youth Long Sleeve Tee - Avalanche K5B7_YLA9_HO5_ALT KIDS
  Ice Formation Youth Hoody - Avalanche K5B7HAAi_BGN KIDS
  Iconic Block Tee - Avalanche NHLS0057_ICONIC_MNBLOCK_CAV MEN'S
  Iconic Blocked Long Sleeve Tee - Avalanche NHLS0058_ICONIC_MNLSBLOCK_CAV MEN'S
  Iconic Fleece Hoody - Avalanche NHLS0059_ICONIC_MNBLOCKPOH_CAV MEN'S
  Iconic Full Zip Hoody - Avalanche NHLS0060_ICONIC_MNFZBLOCK_CAV MEN'S
  Iconic Jersey Tee Ladies - Avalanche NHLSOO62_ICONIC_LDVBLOCK_CAV WOMEN'S
  Long Sleeve Henley - Avalanche 373T_530_ACAV6M MEN'S
  Love Hockey Youth Girls Tee - Avalanche K5G6YMS9HIA_B10 KIDS
  Mach Pullover Hoody Youth - Avalanche K5B76949_000 KIDS
  My First Avs Tee - Toddler - Pink - Avalanche KST1VEV9SA_AVA KIDS
  Scoop Neck Comfy Crew Ladies - Avalanche B415SW_DKR_WCAVWGK WOMEN'S
  Sherpa Ladies Hooded Jacket - Avalanche FAIR CATCH_NM7__0116 WOMEN'S
  Space Dye Ladies Tank - Avalanche LED_TANK SPACE DYE AVS WOMEN'S
  Space Dye Leggings - Avalanche LEB_SPACE DYR AVS WOMEN'S
  Static 1/4 Zip Ladies Performance Top - Avalanche NHLS0079_STATIC_LDQZIP WOMEN'S
  Static Fleece Ladies Hoodie - Avalanche NHLS0078_STAITC_LDPOH_CAV WOMEN'S
  Static Fleece Men's Hoody - Avalanche NHLSOO70_STATIC_MNPOH MEN'S
  Static Long Sleeve Performance Tee - Avalanche NHLS0069_STATIC_MNLSTEE_AVS MEN'S
  Static Performance Tee - Avalanche NHLSOO68_STATIC_MNSSTEE_CAV MEN'S
  Stitch Top Ladies Lace Top - Avalanche B416SW_DKR_WCAVWGS WOMEN'S
  Helmet Goals Tee - Avalanche K5M1YQC9H01_AVS MEN'S
  Mid Season 1/4 Zip Pullover - Alternate Logo - Avalanche K5M1HAAJ_ALTERNATE LOGO MEN'S
  Midnight Mascot Tee - Avalanche NHL02222_CAV_RUP_MNGBSSTEE MEN'S
  Grand Slam Ladies Jacket - Avalanche NM7__0126 AVS PRIMARY LOGO WOMEN'S
  Static 1/4 Zip - Avalanche NHLSOO71_STATIC_MNQZ1P_CAV MEN'S
  Classic Hockey Crew - "A" Logo - Avalanche K5M14359_A LOGO MEN'S
  Classic Hockey Crew - Alt Logo - Avalanche K5M14359_ALTERNATE LOGO MEN'S
  Colorblock Short Sleeve Performance Tee - Mammoth ST361_S10015_DOCER MEN'S
  Dry Tek Long Sleeve Performance Tee - Black - Mammoth DT86_ MEN'S
  Dry Tek Long Sleeve Performance Tee - Burgundy - Mammoth DT86_ MEN'S
  Dry Tek Short Sleeve Performance Tee - Black - Mammoth DT56_S10279 MEN'S
  Dry Tek Short Sleeve Performance Tee - Burgundy - Mammoth DT56_S10279 MEN'S
  Frontrunner Shorts - Mammoth RJC_TEAMCOLOR SHORT_MAMMOTH MEN'S
  McTwist Ladies Jersey Tee - Mammoth COTS30643HC WOMEN'S
  Posicharge Performance Tee - Black/Gray - Mammoth ST354_SO9995_PATCH MEN'S
  Posicharge Performance Tee - Burgundy/Gray - Mammoth ST354_SO9995_PATCH MEN'S
  Setter Performance Long Sleeve Tee - Mammoth COTL10675_MAMMOTH MEN'S
  Static Youth Girls Tee - Mammoth S10477-FENTON KIDS
  TNT Ladies Funnell Hoodie - Mammoth COFH30624 WOMEN'S
  Bronze Medal Youth Girls Tee - Mammoth COTS50131 KIDS
  Flannel Boxer - Mammoth BKB_MAMMOTH MAROONBLK MEN'S
  Hood Logo Hoody - Mammoth MAMMOTH HOODY VERSION 1 MEN'S
  Jack Knife Youth Full Zip Hoody - Mammoth COFF40319 KIDS
  Posicharge Youth Performance Tee - Black/Gray - Mammoth COLORADO MAMMOTH KIDS
  Posicharge Youth Performance Tee - Burgundy/Gray - Mammoth COLORADO MAMMOTH KIDS
  Southpaw Polo - Mammoth COPS10692HC_MAMMOTH MEN'S
  Stripe Jersey Youth Girls Tee - Mammoth MAMMOTH KIDS
  Volta Performance Hoody - Mammoth CISPH_E08983_VOLTA MEN'S
  Color Block L/S Performance Tee - Mammoth ST361LS_S10267_SULA MEN'S
  Cuffed Sweatpant - Mammoth RJB_TEAMCOLOR MAMMOTH MEN'S
  Power Play Hoody - Charcoal/Black - Mammoth CIPWRHH_EO8988_MEZEN MEN'S
  Power Play Hoody - Grey/Burgundy - Mammoth CIPWRHH_EO8988_MEZEN MEN'S
  Ruffle Infant Dress - Mammoth S10494 BOHO MAMMOTH KIDS
  2017-18 Youth Nike Swingman Icon Navy Jersey - Nuggets YTHNVYSWING JERSEYS
  Advantage 1/4 Zip Jacket - Mammoth COUZ10661_AVS MEN'S
  Attack Line Windbreaker - Mammoth COWJ10669C_MAMMOTH MEN'S
  Barrier Full Zip Jacket - Mammoth COUJ10662- MAMMOTH MEN'S
  Double Fleece Ladies Hoodie - Mammoth COFH30646 WOMEN'S
  Inbounds Youth Hoodie - Mammoth COFH40320BN KIDS
  Punter Fleece Set - Boys - Mammoth COSS80129 KIDS
  Setter Full Zip Hoodie - Mammoth COFF10671_MAMMOTH MEN'S
  Shot Put Infant Girls Set - Mammoth COSS20126 KIDS
  Tipster 1/4 Zip Hoodie - Mammoth COFZ10680S_MAMMOTH MEN'S
  Up Start 1/4 Zip Windshirt - Mammoth COUZ10282BN_MAMMOTH MEN'S
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