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Avalanche Pom Pom Post

Avs Faithful, near and far! The Avalanche want all Avalanche fans to be able to participate in 2022 playoffs, even if they’re not local to Colorado! The Avs Pom Pom Post is a program to help get pom poms in the hands of Avs Faithful. For $10, they’ll deliver two playoff pom poms to your door, with the proceeds donated to Kroenke Sports Charities.

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Ball Arena

Altitude Authentics - Ball Arena

1000 Chopper Circle
Denver CO, 80204

Cash is accepted in the main store only.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 12PM - 5PM
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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Dick's Sporting Goods Park

Altitude Authentics - Dick's Sporting Goods Park

6000 Victory Way
Denver, CO 80239

Cash is accepted in the main store only.

Open during matches to ticketed fans.

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